BUCS RELEASED: 12 May 2018

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Backed Up Crypto Shares

better than any crypto currency BETTER THAN ANY RETIREMENT PLAN

Backed Up Community Shares … your retirement starts NOW!

Here we are focused on the comfortable retirement and offer not one but 3 solutions so everybody can find the most suitable one.

1. SmartGold Club - do you believe in gold and silver? We sure do! Save for retirement in fine gold and silver bars. Learn MORE!

2. BUCS - crypto community shares, not a crypto currency! Based 100% on physical gold and silver holdings. Learn MORE!

3. SRC - Smart Retirement Club - our most versatile holdings. 25% based on gold, 25% based on silver, 50% based on the Green Fund. Learn MORE!



If the investor does not earn any money within the first 30 days of BUCS purchase, the complete amount invested in BUCS shall be refunded, if requested.

Who are BUCS customers?


Our investors are average people who are not into risking their money, want to build wealth, have realistic goals, fine with small but sure increases in value, want to manage own investments, want to sleep at night, like crypto ideas, do things outside standard banking systems, like to be part of something big and progressive, want to make decisions, have their voice heard and respected, want to be a part of community investors 


Those are NOT our customers: people interested in quick and big enrichment schemes, gamble out their money and possible future, easily get under influence of herds, listen to "guru" investors promising thousand percent value increases, running to every new crypto that shows up on the lists, fine with risk of losing large portions of their investments, even losing everything overnight


Our customer service is the best!

We are here, present, able and will answer any call, any e-mail, any system message, any Skype call, any Telegram or WhatsApp message. We feel and are responsible for investors money, confidence and hopes placed into BUCS. We will do our best to fulfill shareholders expectations.   

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