Concerned about privacy? Don't be, we have policies in place


All personal information held or collected by SCCS is protected under the Privacy Act - Province of Ontario.  Any information collected shall be used just for membership account identification and delivery purposes. We don't sell, trade or disclose customer's lists.


E-mails shall be used strictly as transaction notifications. Specific consent by customer is needed to join gold on sale invitations. That consent can be retracted at any time. Internal encrypted mail system shall be held private and benefit to members.


SCCS will not collect any personal information about buyers except information voluntary submitted to establish account.

Large cash transactions ($10000 dollars or more within period of 24 hours) shall be reported as required by law (such as anti money laundering and anti terrorism acts in Canada, the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act and in the United States, the Bank Secrecy Act and the Patriot Act). See details HERE


SCCS does not use specific technologies to capture visitor's data. If used a cookie may be allowed or not by visitor's browser so visitor is in control of it. Site is fully accessible with cookies turned OFF. 

Payment information is never captured or processed by . Our processor is PayPal and credit card transactions are actually performed on their PCI compliant servers.


SCCS business is all about security. Specially smart card technology we developed is based on latest and strongest encryption. Cards and content are protected by bank or military grade encryption or better. SCCS uses own inventions and processes to handle cards and data. System does not rely on Cloud solutions.

Membership cards have several digital identities where only one is known to the member in order to be able to transact within SmartGold system. Every card is protected by 6 digit PIN, optional fingerprint and optional picture in chip. Member decides about level of protection desired and implemented.