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Let's start with a simple fact: every person in the world is a retiree in making! Retirement is something everybody is looking for and comfortable retirement is everybody's goal. When person starts working life, he or she is in the twenties. Retirement may be not a big priority. You can't blame youngsters for that. At that age they have other things in their minds. There are 35 - 40 years of work in between starting to work and retirement. So to answer a question in title is: "A sort of" That shouldn't satisfy nobody. No retiree wants "A sort of pension"

  However, as we age pension becomes an inevitable goal. Every organized country in the world tries to prepare working people for that stage in life. In order to get pension one must deduct from salary every month and send money to the Government run pension fund agency. That is done pretty much automatically, as it is regulated by the laws of the country. That is a good part.

there is A bad news 

Young people do not understand what Government is very well aware of - there will not be enough money in pension funds when you are to retire! How is that even possible? You pay whole life and in the end pension is so miserable or fund coffers could be outright broke and empty. It actually happens at alarming rate. Pension funds collapsing. That is what inflation, reckless Government spending, wars, poor economy, weak currency, spending on military, declining work force, high taxes, unskilled work force, out control immigration will do to the resources. Weaken them, deplete them beyond repair and in the end utterly destroy them.

For those reasons, and many more, Governments around a world are motivating workers to SAVE EXTRA at their own pace and abilities. In Canada those savings are called RRSP, in US 401k. Different names but same purpose. When you are 65+ do not rely on the Government for money, there may be none there!  

there is a solution - src!

We wouldn't be writing this if there was no solution. We call it a Smart Retirement Club. One of the 3 solutions we have in the works. Join SRC today and maximize your savings. Here is a SRC explained in 10 sentences or less:

First of all SRC is a community project open to everyone. When we say everyone we really mean it. No discrimination based on location, religion, language, education, gender or anything. Open membership account. Send any amount of money, at any frequency, start buying SRC shares. Every share is 100% backed up by the hard assets:

1. 25% - Gold, fine 99.99 gold, a physical bar or bank certificate for the same

2. 25% - Silver, fine 99.99/99.9 silver, a physical bar or bank certificate for the same

3. 50% - The Green Fund = stocks mix of the water exploration and management companies + housing stocks (REIT)

That is pretty much it! Simple and effective plan.

Goal is to avoid risk as much as possible. Play safe. Hard assets only. Protect basic investment. The rest are just technicalities. As you noticed from other 2 solutions they are completely based on precious metals. SRC is more flexible is that way. Since there are people who believe that right stocks will get them the edge on a long run, we put the Green Fund into the mix. We are aiming for 5-6 stocks only and one of the main conditions is that they pay dividend. That means quarterly or even monthly (REITs pay monthly) YOU the investor is rewarded by the dividends that accumulate and drive value of SRC shares slowly up.

There are no words to describe situation where retiree is on the verge of poverty, forgotten and poor. You must avoid that and plan for better. But suddenly there is a sun in the end of the tunnel! Retirement becomes reachable and increasingly looks more comfortable. Ask about SRC. We are doing this for you, and ourselves as well. We are also retirees in making. Learn MORE - download brochure!