Crypto Share Future Vision

BUCS - Future Vision

BUCS is best defined as an ABCD - Asset Based Community Development!


Asset Based - in BUCS case hard assets in form of the precious metals are acquired in advance. Starting with silver bars, going on with silver and gold bars. The Green Fund is very conservative fund aimed at steady income and security.

Community - profile-ration and success of BUCS is completely based on community efforts. Individuals can easily recognize extraordinary value in BUCS shares. After initial purchase and verification that everything is exactly as presented those shareholders shall increase their positions. Not only that but will bring in more people into community to share benefits of the system with. Each new member brings in more wealth that is shared by everybody in community therefore constantly increasing BUCS intrinsic value.

Development - community of shareholders also bring in decision power and brainpower to the table. Our goal is to startup the system, make it technically secure, sound and administer it. We are counting on members to bring in fresh ideas and suggest things that we don't even know about at this time. Community will then vote on such ideas and determine directions development will go. SCCS will act as community development agency (management) and make everything into real life. 

our visions 

Imagine banks that don't look like palaces. That do not have thousands of employees. No hundreds of managers. No huge bonuses for them. No fees or even negative interest charged to the account holders. No expenses to support all that financial machinery. Did you know that banks are allowed to have a fraction of the money customers actually brought in?

Imagine if all those expenses did not exist and what is there would be split up and shared between community of account holders to increase their holdings.

That is what BUCS is all about! It is an hard asset based community development that is protecting and promoting shareholder's value. Doesn't matter how small or big it is. Each BUCS account gives a person one vote and we shall make sure that every voice and vote is heard and accounted for.

At this time as startup BUCS does not have any significant market cap. However, in time and using community development we envision BUCS going large. With tens of thousands in membership strength BUCS community will be in position to tackle projects that matter and bring them to life. For example buying farm land as an hard asset and splitting crops or fruits grown as 100% organic and pure.

The most important fact to understand is that members themselves will have shear power of suggesting about future investments, voting on ideas and SCCS will be instrument of execution of those ideas and decisions. It is not us but majority of shareholders who will decide what we do next.

BUCS system already has a voting facility built into the software. It is anonymous, secure and gives every member one vote. In true equal opportunity spirit each shareholder has only one vote so people who hold a lot of shares can not out vote others based on number of shares.

Imagine a financial independence! Control over own investment and financial destiny. While there are other ways to invest into precious metals none of them provides secure and practical environment as BUCS does. Using optional pre-paid BUCS Master Card provides necessary link to the regular, everyday world where one needs standard currency to pay for expenses. Pay at any merchant, on-line, use any ATM anywhere in the world. All that while BUCS ticker is slowly but steadily counting up and adding to the core value for the everyone involved!