BUCS - Master Card

There is a BUCS Master Card for every member who wants it! It is pre-paid card and can serve as any credit card, merchants everywhere, on-line and at ATMs worldwide. Using this card member can buy more BUCS or redeem some and get fiat money transferred to the card. With 30+ million places worldwide to spend money at so spending will not be a problem.


Every BUCS shareholder is eligible to get pre-paid Master Card. Integration with BUCS provides numerous advantages to the card holder. For starters use it at 30+ millions merchant locations and 2+ million  ATMs around the world! Getting Master Card greatly enhances BUCS experience and increases convenience to new levels. We partnered up with WestStein Card company located in London, UK.


Online Bank Account for Incoming and Outgoing Payments
  • The best alternative to a bank account and card
  • No credit history check
  • IBAN account for receiving payments
  • Top up your account with money transfers or by voucher
  • Transfer money to other cards
  • Make and receive SEPA payments
  • Safe cash withdrawal from ATMs worldwide
  • Secure and private online purchases
  • No overdraft - always be in control of your budget
  •  Easy to manage online or via Mobile App

Easy Ways to Top-Up Your Card
  • Receive money transfers from any bank account
  • Make instant WestStein card-to-card transfers
  • Sell some of your BUCS and get money transferred to your Master card

See Your Full Payment History

  • Access your history in client portal
  • View transactions on-the-go via WestStein Mobile App
  • Always be in control of your budget
  • Share the account with your family members and keep track of their finances
  • Free SMS for all incoming payments

    Secure and Private Mastercard

    • Independent of your regular bank account
    • Secure and private for all online purchases
    • PIN code and Mastercard 3D Secure System
    • The card and account are issued by Prepaid Financial Services Limited, regulated by FCA*
    • The card can be blocked by contacting the support team

    Manage Your Money On-The-Go

    • A secure & simple app to manage your finances 24/7
    • Top up your card anytime
    • Manage your payments from anywhere
    • View your transaction history wherever you go
    • Always keep track of your personal budget
    • Available in AppStore and GooglePlay