BUCS features

Backed Up Crypto Shares advantages for every investor

Asset Based Community Shares
BUCS (Backed Up Community Shares) has many exciting features. Too many to fit this page so here are the most important ones that distinguish BUCS from all other cryptos and company shares in use today:

Features and Benefits


* Buy small - fractional BUCS sizes

* Trade with other members using BUCS while in BUCS Cloud

* Transfer BUCS to anyone

* Show that you care: give BUCS as an best gift ever!

* Easy fiat money withdrawal using: Check, Wire, IBAN and most conveniently BUCS Master Card

* Cash out in physical precious metal at many convenient locations throughout the world:

Toronto, Miami, New York, London, Frankfurt, Zurich, Lichtenstein, Hong Kong, Australia


* BUCS shares underlying value is based on precious metals (Gold,Silver) + the Green Fund value
* By buying BUCS you are acquiring shares and becoming shareholder of the Smart Crypto Community Shares Ltd
* Smart Crypto Community Shares Ltd is the Canadian company, subsidiary and administrative unit of Smart Chip Card Solutions Ltd.
* Each cardholder in BUCS community has a 1 voting right for buying decisions
* All BUCS holders share income from buying BUCS shares

* No middle man of any kind to pay
* No need for account with crypto exchanges
* Therefore no intimidating process of sign-up and privacy intrusions at exchanges
* Instant transactions, no delays in sending payments, trading, paying bills
* Privacy and anonymity is at the level investor choses individually